Sales Handbooks

This product is so comprehensive we gave it its own category. Our customers think of these as their Bible. These handbooks will contain information and answers to all the questions your sales staff, dealers and customers will have about your product.

For example, BTI’s Demolition Equipment Sales Handbook contains; Phone directories, Company overview, Quality statement, Sales checklist, Equipment installations, Sales programs, Specification sheets, Equipment care and operation, Typical product failures, Causes of failures, Warranty, Competitor reviews, Competitor features, How to sell against your competitor, How the competition sells against you, Competitor product comparisons, Competitor product line. . . “everything you need to know is in this book”

“This is one of the best sales manuals ever seen from a manufacturer”. – Russ Walton, Furnival Machinery

“Someone must have been keeping good notes because I don’t think you missed anything” – John McKee, Product Support Manager, Toromont Industries